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About Me

I started out taking pictures of our family and the nature found around us with a Nikon D60 with kit lenses. This developed into a love of nature and wildlife photography, with gradually better, and better equipment.
My goal has been to catch THE moment, one that may not occur again.  

This love of photography has expanded to the world of graphic design and printing.
Editing and embellishing newsletters with better and better graphics has lead to designing graphics and then to printing graphics. Senior signs (which I still do) have expanded to Senior sports banners and beyond to other graphics and printing challenges. Now I am able to produce signs, banners, stickers, as well as apparel graphics and photo canvases. 

If you have a project and think it may be too small or not possible to be completed locally, give me a call!

New England Aster with metalic sweat bee

New England Aster with metallic sweat bee

Female Great Horned Owl on nest.

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